Luigi Lucas - Ventura County, CA

Bio: Avid fisherman, bass tournament angler, and lobster hoop netting master.

On King of the Crawl™:  "Gooch juice bringing giants to the hoop!"

Pro Staff Brands: King of the Crawl™

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Josh Lucas - Ventura County, CA

Bio: Saltwater fishermen, #1 deck hand, and lobster slayer.

On King of the Crawl:  "King of crawl has provided me record seasons and memorable nights, with limits of grande size lobsters each night on the water.  I cannot say enough about this product, I will never leave the docks with anything else and will always continue to promote this to all of my fellow fishermen."

Pro Staff Brands: King of the Crawl™

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*King Pacific Corp DBA King of the Crawl does not guarantee limits when using Gooch Juice™, or any other fishing products. Season, weather, currents and other uncontrollable variables determine fishing conditions. Our products are designed to increase your chances of successful fishing during ideal fishing conditions.