Spawning from a garage in Huntington Beach, California, King of the Crawl (KOTC) has quickly become a local legend in the southern California lobster fishing community. 

Our products are designed by seasoned fishermen who are committed to making the highest quality, longest lasting and most efficient fishing gear on the market. The success of the revolutionary, all-natural fishing scent, Gooch Juice, has opened the door for us to grow our business. Innovation is a pillar of our success. Through extensive engineering, prototyping, and testing, we have been able to be first-to-market with patent-pending, highly innovative hoop nets and bait cages. 

Our passion is to enhance your fishing experience by providing the most value for your investment.

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*King Pacific Corp DBA King of the Crawl does not guarantee limits when using Gooch Juiceā„¢, or any other fishing products. Season, weather, currents and other uncontrollable variables determine fishing conditions. Our products are designed to increase your chances of successful fishing during ideal fishing conditions.